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What Is a Land Survey and What are the Types of Surveys?
There are several reasons why you might want to conduct a land survey. Are land surveys the only type of option available when it comes to solving disputes or planning existing or new developments?

In this article, we’ll be discussing what is a land survey and what other types of surveys are available when it comes to real estate and clearing up confusion in general.

What is a Land Survey?
So what is a land survey? In its most basic terms, it’s a graphic layout of a property. It maps the legal boundaries and other features of a property that might be needed when it comes to solving any issues that might be brought up during real estate transactions. They can be valuable tools to use to clarify any disputes. It’s a way of measuring structures and locating existing features of a property.

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How are Land Surveys Made?
When it comes to land surveys, they are made from various tools, depending on which one is appropriate. For example, an altimeter would be able to measure a property’s elevation, whereas other tools like GPS that can also prove to be useful when completing a survey.

The most common tools used during land surveys are the theodolite, which can help measure horizontal and vertical angles between points. Total stations are also common and ones you’ve liked seen in passing when on your way to work.