Well Drilling

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Those residences that are not served by a public water system need a source of water for both consumption and daily needs. A private well most often fulfills these needs. While the cost of drilling a well is not a huge expense in the overall purchase or building of a home, it is a necessary expense to provide the residence with a useable water supply and it adds value to the property.

Reviewing Your Water Needs

Whether or not you have an existing residence or are building a new home, making a list of you known water needs is an important initial step. Questions that need to be considered and shared with the licensed water well contractor you hire are:

  • How many people will be living in the household?
  • Beyond the normal daily water usage needs, what seasonal uses do you foresee, e.g. lawn and/or garden irrigation, washing cars, filling a swimming pool, creating an ice rink, etc.?
  • Possible geothermal demands?
  • Emergency needs such as fire protection or possible water storage in case of emergency?
  • Where should the well be drilled, e.g. in the middle of the front yard, further away from a septic system, etc.?

Typically, private household wells are designed to pump 10 or less gallons/minute. This is usually plenty for most home situations, but having a list of what all will place a demand on the well is important knowledge to have.